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Phil always had a strong passion for drawing. There are two distinct forms for him: firstly it's the jotting down of an idea, much like one would keep a diary or a log book, it's a brief idea about something that strikes one in that particular moment. Then comes the formation of an art work itself which can start with simply a few lines and dashes, some words, an inspiration or an intention. Some of these ideas remain in this abbreviated form never to develop further, their reduced form perfectly serving the purpose of the artwork as it should. Whereas others move forward through different stages- evolving into a drawing, and then growing and changing further until they become and painting or even a sculpture. For Phil, every mark is considered, each mark is contributing to the whole. 

In his latest series of drawings, thousands of small lines and dots eventual become a solid mass form. Much in the same way that a sculpture is tenderly formed over time from adding lumps to a block of clay, or paint strokes of oil or acrylic are added to the canvas to build up the final image. Some of his drawings take months, even years, to become complete. His extremely detailed pen and ink land and seascapes are inspired by his life on the French Mediterranean and try to capture the movement and the texture of the landscape there, the exquisite beauty found in the small details of life- the ripple in a wave, the wind moving the leaves in the trees. These drawings are hopefully able to transport the viewer to the landscape, with the bold black pen and ink juxtraposed against the stark bright white creating something striking and original. 

His fruit and vegetable drawings were created through a technique of blending etching with graphite to capture the fine detail and simple beauty of these organic, natural forms- artichokes, fennel, leeks and onions found in local French markets. 

Artist's Proofs & Limited Edition Prints

There are two types of print editions to his drawings: 

Artist's Proofs

These works are where he has documented every stage of the creative process as they become the final image, which is then taken to the printers and transformed into a print whch prevents the work from degrading or changing over time. 

They are signed and dated with AP plus the print number. 

Limited Edition Prints

After the Artist's Proofs are finished and he is satisfied with the final result, a print is made and becomes a Bon à Tirer (B.A.T). This B.A.T print is signed and kept as all future Limited Edition Prints are checked against this perfect standard. 

Each image that is printed is inspected, signed, dated and numbered by Phil.

Certificates of Authenticity are provided with each print. 

Limited Edition Prints are available in the following sizes : 

Small - 50 x 67 cm 
Medium - 80 x 110 cm 
Large  - 100 x 135 cm 

Giglée Prints :

These are high quality digital repoduction prints made on an inkjet printer that are highly resistant to fading from ultraviolet light.

They are the highest quality reproductions available and even to a trained eye they are often indistinguishable from the original prints. Phil prints on the highest quality paper, Hahnemuhle Fine Art Photography Bright White which is 100% cotton and makes it ideal or reproducing high contrast art images that have long lasting quality.