I love drawing. There are two distinct forms. Firstly, it is the  recording of an idea, like a diary or a log book. The beginnings of an art work. A few lines, a few words, a description, an intention.

Some  ideas only remain in this abbreviated form never to develop further  whilst others move through different stages until they become paintings  or sculptures. Many are developed into a drawing in its own right. Those I love working on. Every mark is considered, each mark is added to the  whole. It becomes a solid mass formed from thousands of small lines and dots. In the same way a sculpture made from clay is formed or a painting  is executed.

Drawing is rhythmic and therapeutic. It is very satisfying. Some take a few moments whilst others can develop over months...

I am currently working on a series of extremely detailed pen and ink land and seascapes inspired by my life on the French Mediterranean.  

For my fruit and vegetable drawings I have created a technique of blending etching with graphite to capture the fine detail and simple beauty of artichokes, fennel, leeks and onions from local markets.